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Meet Our Team

Gia Petrella

Studio Owner & Advanced Styling Specialist

2023 Readers Choice Award Winner


When Gia was young, she was convinced she would run salon and spa’s just like her parents did… She loved the service industry and loved everything about hair. Turns out, she was missing the most important aspect of the industry, loving people (😂). But what she did love was animals. Showing dogs & horses, grooming them, caring for them, that was her passion. Working hard never felt like working hard when she was with her horses & dogs.
For over 6 years, Gia ran her grooming business from her home studio, but in 2023 she knew the time had come where she had outgrown the space she had. Enter her passion project, Northumberland Grooming Co. When building Northumberland Grooming Co, she knew she wanted to mimic the atmosphere that she so loved when she was was working in spas. She knew she wanted something different for pups than what was available, and so she created it! A different approach to dog grooming, a spa like approach. Treating pups like humans and putting their relaxation first while still providing high quality grooms. 
She has since gone on to compete in numerous dog competitions and she has completed her Advanced Canine Massage Therapy certification through the Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy. Gia merges relaxation with contemporary grooming techniques for the ultimate grooming experience.


Diana Chodocinkas

Doodle Specialist, All-breed Groomer

Diana specializes in the art of grooming doodles and has become renowned for her skillful touch and profound connection with her clients. Diana's journey into the world of grooming began with a deep love for animals and a desire to bring out the best in every pup she meets. With years of experience under her belt, she has honed her skills, mastering the art of styling doodles to perfection.

Diana understands that each pup is as unique as a fingerprint, and she treats them as such. She has a keen eye for detail and a gentle hand but Diana's expertise extends far beyond the grooming table. She is a trusted advisor for doodle parents, offering valuable insights and tips on coat care, grooming maintenance, and overall well-being. When she's not busy transforming doodles into dazzling works of art, you can find Diana exploring the great outdoors with her own furry companions.


Jess McDougal

Pattern Specialist, All-Breed Groomer, Cat Groomer

2023 Readers Choice Award Winner

Jess is a seasoned groomer with a passion for perfection. Jess brings five years of grooming expertise to our studio, specializing in grooming to breed standards, with a focus on terriers and mastery in hand-stripping techniques. Always striving for excellence, Jess actively engages in seminars, classes, and competitions to stay at the forefront of grooming trends. She is also certified through the Canadian Professional Pet Stylists with master grades and she is currently working towards achieving master grooming status. Beyond dogs, Jess has completed the Cat Grooming Basics and Lion Cut Courses through the National Cat Groomer Institute and offers skillful services for cats. When Jess isn't grooming her clients pets, she's grooming her own poodle puppy or preparing for competitions.

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